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Public Notary

Angela Westen Insurance Agency Inc is the public notary you can turn to ensure the authenticity of various transactions vital to your success. Whether you need to establish a power of attorney, prevent fraud during real estate transactions, or set up an account for your retirement, you can always count on our representatives to verify the identification of all signing parties before giving your important documents our official seal of approval.

When you need an officiant to notarize your paperwork, you can always count on us to do the required due diligence to reduce instances of fraud. Reach us today at (978) 735-4094 to learn more about our affordable services.

What is a Public Notary?

A public notary is an officiant appointed by the local government to reduce instances of fraud during important transactions. A notary public will bear witness to both parties during the signing of documents and must verify the following before issuing a stamp of approval:

  • The identity of all signing parties
  • Signing parties' willingness to add their signature to the document
  • Signers' awareness of the contents and binding terms contained in each document

Do you have questions about whether you require notarization for specific transactions? We're always happy to answer your questions during a zero-obligation consultation. Call us today to learn more.

Affordable Notary Services

Our affordable notary services and flexible scheduling availability allow you to move forward with essential transactions faster. In addition to ensuring our rates remain competitive, we're also committed to being as adaptable as possible in our scheduling so that you can call on our services when you need them.

Some of the most common documentation that must be notarized for legal purposes include:

  • Deeds
  • Power of attorney
  • Real estate transactions
  • Estate documents
  • Trust documents
  • Insurance claims
  • Affidavits
  • Contracts
  • …and more

A risk-free consultation will allow us to discuss your goals and connect you with the notarization services necessary to continue with critical personal transactions. Connect with our office today to discover easy, accessible, and affordable ways to move your transactions forward quickly and legally.

What Makes Our Notary Office Stand Out?

As an industry-leading notary office, we strive to stand out from the rest by making our services easy to access for individuals from all backgrounds. In addition, we're committed to keeping our pricing competitive while providing you with the licensed officiants needed to administer documentation of many different types legally.

As our partners, you can expect:

  • Due diligence and thoroughness in all our duties and responsibilities
  • Easy-to-schedule appointments that align with your busy agenda
  • Trained, certified professionals who are friendly and knowledgeable
  • Detailed answers to any questions you have about the process of having documents notarized

Don't delay an important transaction due to difficulty pinning down an appointment with a hard-to-get-ahold of notary public. Reach out to our team to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Hire a Licensed Notary at Angela Westen Insurance Agency Inc

Angela Westen Insurance Agency Inc is proud to be the notary business that people in our region trust to ensure legal documents and binding contracts are entered into by willing parties who understand the obligations and responsibilities outlined in the paperwork.

Protect yourself from the pitfalls of fraud by having your documents notarized by our reputable officiants. Contact us to schedule an appointment by dialing (978) 735-4094 today.

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